Thursday, June 9, 2011

London Jewellery Week: My Day part two. Designer Jewellers Group, 14 Carat and Lesley Craze Gallery.

Next I went to see an exhibiton at the Barbican. The Designer Jewellers Group were showing a varied range of jewellery from their members of the Designer Jewellers Group. They have members based all over the UK, and brings together a wide range of styles from contemporary to classic.

One of the exhibitors, John Moore, is an award winning contemporary craftsman who creates sculptural jewellery. He takes inspiraton from tribal jewellery and artifacts as well as natural forms.

This exhibition is definitely worth a visit. I think everyone will find something they would love to have.

There is always a member of the group there to answer any of your questions.

Jewellery by Petra Bishai

Jewellery by Sarah Macrae

Jewellery by Bo Davis

The Designer Jewellers Group Exhibition is on until 22nd June, so if you can't go this week there is still time to see it.

Outside Craft Central

Then I went to Craft Central's 14 Carat exhibiton. A lovely venue where designers were on hand to tell you about their work. The atmosphere was really friendly and there seemed to be a steady flow of people when I was there.

There were so many gorgeous things there I was very tempted myself. Situated in the heart of Clerkenwell, it's a great day out to get to know and support your local jewellery designer/makers.

Then I came across the Lesley Craze Gallery. I have never been here before but this was a great little find. I was greeted by the lovely gallery manager Rebecca Sweeting. The venue is small but full of delights ready to inspire you.

The gallery was showing the Collect Collections, exhibiting the work of the world's top jewellers and metalworkers. The Collect exhibition was previewed at the International Fair for Contemporary Objects held at the Saatchi gallery in May this year.

I found some really inspiring pieces. As well as this exhibition there was a permenant collection of jewellery designer/makers which is also well worth seeing.

Have a look at what I found.

UK based designer Simone Brewster

When I think I have seen everything in Jewellery design I come across something a little different.

French Jewellery Designer Maud Traon. These are amazing, so colourful and crazy I absolutely love them. Check out Maud's website too. here.


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