Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hatton Garden Festival

It was Hatton Garden Festival yesterday.

I was lucky enough to take part in this event. As well as selling my own work, I also took part in the world record attempt to manufacture the most silver rings in one hour.

I started early on Saturday as I had to be in London to set up my stall and was already set up by 10.30 am.

At 12.00 the world record attempt was well under way and all the volunteers were put into different areas along the production line, I was placed in the shaping area. Here I was in charge of shaping the rings after the rings were soldered together.

Me in action.

Every ring was numbered by the Holts Academy course leader Scott, then hall marked by the Assay office especially opened for this event. I was put down for a one hour stint, unfortunately we only managed to make 10 in this hour. But luckily the Holts Academy group would be there for the whole day. Before I knew it the world record was broken by 5 rings, now the world record to beat is 30 rings in one hour!

The finished rings for sale

This event drew in alot of attention from the public who were really interested in the cause and how each ring was made. It was a great way of getting people to see what goes into the making a ring.

The volunteers in action.

Then I went back to my stall which was being looked after by my lovely boyfriend who was doing a good job selling my work. I left him to it and went to see what other treats were on offer.

All day during the festival we had entertainers, face painters, experimental dancers and live music to keep us entertained.

There were many food stalls to sample many cuisines. I opted for a Bhangra burger which was lovely, nicely spiced and very fresh!

Fabrications the independent gallery, studio and shop were there with a stall to let the public have a go at designing a textile necklace with recycled fabrics and beads.
Fabrications was set up by Barley Massey, passionate about eco design and upcycling. Check out their website here.

I spoke to one lady who was in the middle of making her own necklace who said she was really enjoying doing something she doesn't normal do. I think thats why going to events like this is great for people as it opens your eyes to new things and it can be very educational.

Also on offer there was a chance to make your own wire jewellery with Holts Academy, Talks about how jewellery is made using traditional techniques and new technologies. All of which took place on an old style London bus.

There were stalls where you could watch traditional craftsmen who were engraving, cutting gemstones and designing rings with a computer. It was a great way to see what these craftsmen go through in their industry and learn something new.

Events announced by a traditional town crier.

Holts Academy workshop

A craftsman cutting gem stones.

I also discovered a new up and coming jewellery designer, Amma Gyan. She designs jewellery using moulded leather into unique and gorgeous jewellery. She has always worked in leather designing high-waisted belts back in 2003 which she got a lot of recognition for.

She has recently been awarded silver in special media category from Craft and Design magazine. I'm sure there will be lots more to come from her.

Amma Gyan and her stall.

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